About FashionFix

She, who creates the experience with precise intent, knows exactly how to realize her client’s needs. She Has the knowledge that everyone is seeking, yet is elusive to most.

Jo expertly creates the experience that she wants her clients to encounter, and it is an atmosphere that welcomes all.

Jo, being a true ‘Party Girl’ at heart, who brings energy and excitement to her hosted Galas, artfully composes a memorable soiree… Once experienced, her Invitees are soon transformed into avid Devotees eagerly awaiting the next engagement!

— Renee


Why not experience Jo’s Boutique yourself?

Fashion Forums

Fashion Forums are monthly classes held by Jo to teach you valuable knowledge about your personal fashion style, the fashion industry and much more!

*Wink wink… The boutique is OPEN! You can shop after class without having to book an appointment.

Cost $30  — OR —  Bring a friend and you each pay $25!

Here are some of the upcoming Fashion Forums:

We are creating new and exciting content to present to you soon!

Info from the Experts

Every month, FashionFix has a guest speaker come in to give a presentation in the realm of their expertise. Most of the topics we will be seeing are based on what we think you will find useful, interesting and entertaining! This year we have a travel agent, interior designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and even a massage therapist!

BONUS — The boutique is open for shopping NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED

Here are some of the upcoming Experts:

We are currently booking new experts to present to you soon!

2019 Events!


Info from the Experts: Debbie Elver – Tax Accountant

Talks of new tax laws and tax cuts plus open shopping in the boutique.

Fashion Forums: Look 10 lbs. Thinner Without Losing an Ounce

A common New Year’s resolution… lose 10 lbs. Jo can show you how to look taller and trimmer with a few style tricks!


Pre-Valentine Day Flash Sale and Party

Info from the Experts: Marianne Fortunato — Interior Designer

Explore the different effects lighting can have on your home’s interior. Open shopping in the boutique.


Fashion Forum: How to Rock Your Look in Jeans!

Style tricks that will have you taking your jeans from the boardroom to the ballroom. Open shopping in the boutique.

Paris Market and Fashion Auction


Info from the Experts: Gabi D’orso — FashionFix model

Following these steps for the 5-minute face will help you create the complete and polished make-up look without a hassle! Open shopping in the boutique.

Fashion Forums: DIY Closet Crash

Setting up your closet for a no-fail, grab-and-go system and learning how to build beautiful core capsule wardrobes!! Open shopping in the boutique.