About FashionFix

She, who creates the experience with precise intent, knows exactly how to realize her client’s needs. She Has the knowledge that everyone is seeking, yet is elusive to most.

Jo expertly creates the experience that she wants her clients to encounter, and it is an atmosphere that welcomes all.

Jo, being a true ‘Party Girl’ at heart, who brings energy and excitement to her hosted Galas, artfully composes a memorable soiree… Once experienced, her Invitees are soon transformed into avid Devotees eagerly awaiting the next engagement!

— Renee


Why not experience Jo’s Boutique yourself?

Fashion Forums

Do you have a large group of friends and want to do something different and fun?

Do you belong to a meet-up group and need a guest speaker?

Do you have a corporate function coming up and want to learn how to dress for success?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you are looking for our Fashion Forum!

To book a Fashion Forum and have Jo show you how to strategically shop, efficiently pack a travel bag, or how to avoid shoppers remorse; call jo and book a forum for your group of ladies!

  • For groups of 10 or more
  • Cost is $30 per person
  • One time discount $15 off of your purchase night of

Interested? Call Jo for more details or to book now!

Here are some of the Fashion Forums available for booking:

Style Transformations
We will show you many ways that you can transform your look to fabulous! Accessories can completely change an outfit from casual to formal or cute to sexy! All this and much more on how to style your clothes to maximize your best image

Celebrations, Cocktails, and the Little Black Dress
Don’t get caught in the special occasion conundrum:

“Oh my gosh it’s tomorrow night and I have nothing to wear!” 

Learn the secrets of building a timeless cocktail core capsule around the little black dress or some newer alternative and save yourself the trauma of frantic shopping and disappointment. Instead, spend your time on hair & makeup and enjoy the night!